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Australian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (AIOAM).

Online Aesthetic Courses with Certificates

Our mission is to educate clinicians and members of the public about the science and safe practice of Aesthetic Medicine.
The age of people getting Aesthetic treatments is getting younger due to increasing affordability and social media. However, this industry is largely unregulated and it can be difficult for patients or clinicians to know where to get information that is reliable and unbiased.
AIOAM provides online aesthetic courses for anyone who is interested to learn and understand the science and methodology behind Aesthetic Medicine. The courses are designed by medically trained for all from Australia, United States, Canada, India, Philippines, Germany, Bulgaria, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the All our the world and range from essential topics for everyone to more advanced topics that will suit clinical practitioners of Aesthetic Medicine.
AIOAM advises anyone practising Aesthetic Medicine to adhere to the rules and regulations of their respective countries and we hope that your journey into Aesthetic Medicine is one that is not only enjoyable but also safe and well-informed. The standards set in the courses are standards expected of a practitioner offering Aesthetic Medicine treatments in Australia and the United Kingdom. AIOAM provides aesthetic online courses to learners in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and anyone who is interested.

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Amiee London, UK

A great resource, helped me gain more confidence in my aesthetic nursing career.

Frederik Los Angeles, USA

The courses I did were very well explained and interactive.

Jose Barcelona, Spain

I am my own skin expert now, thanks to AIOAM!

Lily Sydney, Australia

As an aesthetic doctor, I did not know that I didn’t know so much.

Tina Perth, Australia

Thanks to AIAM, I was able to change my career and became a beauty therapist from a freelance photographer.

Sheetal Mumbai, India

These courses are global standards, so happy that I can access them in India.

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    Discover how to anticipate and adapt to the latest trends and digital