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Aesthetic Guide & FAQ

The team at AIOAM are practitioners and educators who have experience in training professionals in Aesthetic Medicine to Australian gold standards. We understand the learning needs and cater for flexible learning but with high and demanding standards. Our courses do not discriminate and we aim to educate clinicians and members of the public with the science and safe practice of Aesthetic Medicine. Our pricing also reflects our mission to reach as many people as possible to achieve this.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure our courses are thorough and detailed to gold standards, it is essential that what you intend to offer within the scope of Aesthetics complies with the rules and regulations of the state or country that you are in.  

Whilst it helps to have a background in beauty or medicine, our courses are designed in a way that a beginner can become familiar in the science and knowledge behind Aesthetic Medicine quickly. The team at AIOAM have carefully organised and curated the courses into 3 main tiers and would suggest that a beginner start with our Foundation courses, before moving on to Essentials courses and Specialised courses subsequently. For individuals with more background knowledge or specific interests, you may choose to start at courses suited to your level or interests. 

For professionals already practicing Aesthetic Medicine, we recommend our more specialised courses or our Master Certificate and Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine courses, which are curated to ensure you retain or improve your knowledge base and offer a wider scope of practice to be aware of the best available treatment option for your clients.

Yes, we want to educate members of the public to ensure we can promote and encourage the safe practice of getting such treatments and the best way to do that is to ensure consumers are as educated and informed as those who offer these treatments.