Diploma Certificate

Diploma Aesthetic Certificate Course

A diploma certificate is an additional certificate provided to the users who have completed the predefined number of courses in a certain period of time.


  1. Once you have successfully completed the courses mentioned below within the certificate duration period, you will be eligible to apply for Diploma Certificate In Aesthetic Medicine.
  2. Once you have applied for the certificate below, we’ll validate the courses and the marks you have scored to verify whether you are eligible or not from our end.
  3. Once you are found eligible for the Diploma Certificate In Aesthetic Medicine, you will receive an e-certificate of the same on your registered or provided email.

Courses to complete

  1. All the courses mentioned in Master Certificate
  2. Any one course starting with course-code LSR
  3. Any one course starting with course-code IPL
  4. Any one course starting with course-code SPD