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SPD3.0 Advanced Certificate of Applied Dermatology in Medical Aesthetics
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Applied Dermatology in Medical Aesthetics


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Course Description

This online course on Applied Dermatology in Medical Aesthetics is designed to take the reader through the common dermatological (skin) conditions that present to the aesthetic practitioner and how to manage them effectively.

This is an advanced aesthetic dermatology course aimed at aesthetic practitioners but can be a useful resource to the layperson who simply wants to know more about specific conditions and discuss further with their physician.

It is strongly recommended that you complete the FDN1.0 Certificate of Applied Skin Sciences, FDN2.0 Certificate of Applied Laser/IPL Sciences and Safety and SPD1.0 Advanced Certificate of Skin Dermatoscopy prior to attempting this module to help increase your understanding of the topics covered here.

Learning objectives

At the end of this fully comprehensive dermatology course, you should be familiar with the following topics:

  • Revision of the aging process of the skin
  • Skin conditions due to Photoaging
  • Skin conditions due to Pigmentation disorders
  • Skin conditions due to Sebaceous gland disorders
  • Skin condition due to Eccrine sweat gland disorder
  • Skin conditions due to Hair follicle gland disorders
  • Skin conditions due to Vascular disorders
  • Skin conditions due to Benign growths
  • Skin conditions due to Abnormal wound healing
  • Skin conditions related to Adipose tissue
  • Skin carcinomas
  • Common management options for skin conditions described above

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