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Unlock Your Aesthetic Potential: AIOAM's Courses with 10% Off

Are you searching for growth in Aesthetic Medicine? Look no further! AIOAM, the premier institute for Aesthetic Medicine education, offers a range of specialised courses tailored to fulfil the unique essentials of Aesthetic Medicine courses. Plus, enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on all AIOAM courses. Let’s explore our course offerings and see how AIOAM can elevate your Aesthetic Medicine journey in the World:


1. FDN1.0 Certificate of Applied Skin Sciences:

At AIOAM, we consider that a strong foundation in skin sciences is required for offering practical skin care explanations to clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, UAE and everywhere else in the World. This exhaustive course supplies in-depth knowledge of skin anatomy, physiology, and diagnostics, equipping you with the expertise to address various skin situations.

2. FDN2.0 Certificate of Applied Laser/IPL Sciences and Safety:

As a leading institute for Aesthetic Medicine, AIOAM emphasises the safe and efficient use of lasers and IPL devices. This course teaches you advanced techniques while prioritising safety, enabling you to deliver exceptional treatments with confidence.

3. FDN3.0 Advanced Certificate of Skin Care:

Our Aesthetic Medicine courses are designed to meet the specific needs of all. With our focus on advanced skin care techniques and product knowledge, you’ll be equipped to design personalised skincare regimens for clients of diversity in every environment.

4. ESS1.0 Advanced Certificate in Anti-Wrinkle (Neurotoxin) Injections:

AIOAM’s wide curriculum includes technical training in administering neurotoxin injections for wrinkle reduction. You’ll learn the art of achieving natural-looking results while adhering to safety guidelines, ensuring client satisfaction.

5. ESS2.0 Advanced Certificate in Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers:

At AIOAM, we understand the importance of facial rejuvenation around the globe. Our course on hyaluronic acid dermal fillers empowers you to master precise injection techniques, catering to the diverse aesthetic preferences of each society’s residents.

6. ESS3.0 Advanced Certificate in non-Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers:

To meet the ever-evolving needs of the global market, we offer a specialised course on non-hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Explore innovative options for facial contouring and volumization, ensuring you can deliver customised treatments.

7. ESS4.0 Advanced Certificate of Skinbooster Injections:

Our skin is a barrier that helps retain moisture. Skinboosters are neither composes of hyaluronic acid. Our course on skinbooster injections enables you to enhance skin hydration effectively with improved elasticity, leaving clients with revitalised and radiant skin.

8. SPD1.0 Advanced Certificate of Skin Dermatoscopy:

AIOAM emphasises accurate skin lesion diagnosis for timely treatment. Our course on skin dermatoscopy equips you with proficiency in dermatoscopic examination, ensuring optimal patient care.

9. SPD2.0 Certificate of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in Aesthetics:

With a diverse population globally, our PRP therapy course is invaluable. Harness the potential of PRP for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration, addressing typical problems faced by it.

10. SPD3.0 Advanced Certificate of Applied Dermatology in Medical Aesthetics:

Understanding unique skin types is essential for optimal outcomes. Our online aesthetic course merges dermatology principles with aesthetic practices, empowering you to address complex skin concerns effectively.

11. LSR1.1 Certificate of Laser Therapy (Hair Reduction):

Laser hair reduction is a sought-after treatment in the global arena. Our course on laser therapy ensures you master safe and effective techniques, delivering long-lasting results with minimal discomfort.

12. IPL1.1 Certificate of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy:

To cater to diverse skin conditions and concerns with laser or equipment usage, our IPL therapy course provides versatile treatments, making you a well-rounded Aesthetic Medicine professional.



At AIOAM, we take pride in offering high-quality Aesthetic Medicine courses uniquely tailored to meet the needs of you. Our expert-led online aesthetic courses with certificates provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to pursue your passion for aesthetics while accommodating your busy schedule. Enrol with AIOAM today and seize the exclusive 10% discount. Unlock your aesthetic potential and embark on a rewarding journey in the vibrant landscape of Aesthetic Medicine globally.