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Laser/IPL Bundle

All you need to know about the common laser/IPL treatments. These courses all supplement each other so why not purchase a bundle and save!

Social Influencer Bundle

Bundle description Are you a social influencer? Then this bundle is perfect for you. Everything you need to know about the aesthetic treatments that are out there in social media. Be part of the movement and give your learned opinion

Injectables Bundle

Bundle description Learn the about the injectables that are the most talked about. Save BIG!

Skin Bundle

Bundle Description This bundle is aimed at those who want to know all about skin as well as identifying and managing different skin conditions. Be the skin guru!

Essentials Bundle

Bunch all your Essentials course into one and save! All you need to know about common injectables.

Foundation Bundle

Bundle description Start setting your foundation in aesthetic medicine right! Save with this bundle and learn all about skin sciences, laser/IPL sciences and skin care.