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FDN2.0 Certificate of Applied Laser/IPL Sciences and Safety

Medical aesthetics is a fast-growing business and is professionally rewarding for individuals who take up the trade. You need to be trained and qualified to become a licensed medical aesthetician offering your services to clients. 

Medical aesthetics is a specialized skin care process involving non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Aestheticians are not cosmetologists as some folks believe but they have the training to apply cosmetics and provide beauty treatment. 

It needs to be appreciated that medical aesthetics covers a much wider range of skincare treatments than cosmetology and hence the quality of training also needs to be very good. 

One of the most crucial segments of medical aesthetics is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser training. In order to earn a skin care course certificate such specializations are very important. 

Even though IPL is a relatively new process in the health and beauty industry it has grown very popular among clients especially with regard to skin rejuvenation and hair removal. 

The best part of IPL is that it is not an invasive procedure and does not cause any pain to the recipient of the treatment. 

Another important feature of IPL treatment is its durability which can last more than a year. There are scores of people who are looking for non-invasive ways to get younger-looking and smoother skin. 

Understanding the Scope of IPL Treatments 

IPL is an advanced skincare process that can also be described as a kind of light therapy to treat several skin conditions without causing any pain or injury on the skin surface. 

This innovative and advanced skincare procedure offers great results in removing unwanted facial hair and in removing wrinkles, age and dark spots, sunburns, rosacea, varicose veins, and many more skin conditions. 

Although IPL laser procedures are known as photo facials, it is true that such processes can also be helpful in treating other parts of the body such as the neck, chest, arms, back, and hands among other parts of the body. 

Usually, 4-6 IPL beam treatments of around 20 minutes each are needed for removing the skin pigments. 

IPL beams are almost like laser beams but unlike the latter, they release light of several different wavelengths on the skin. 

IPL Photo Facial and Hair Removal Training 

Another important procedure is the removal of unwanted facial and other hair on the body, which many specialists learn through IPL training courses online

Facial hair removal is a major requirement among women and IPL beam is a preferred method today because it is highly effective and durable. 

The follicles of the hair are targeted by the IPL beam which destroys them and their ability to grow more hair. Multiple treatments are required to ensure that the hair is permanently removed from the face.