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Start setting your foundation in aesthetic medicine right! Save with this bundle and learn all about skin sciences, laser/IPL sciences and skin care.

FDN1.0 Certificate of Applied Skin Sciences

FDN1.0 Applied Skin Science

This online course is for anyone who is interested in taking it up. You don't need any relevant qualification for that. It teaches you to diagnose simple skin conditions and how to conduct proper skin consultation and determine when to refer a patient to specialists.

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FDN2.0 Certificate of Applied Laser/IPL Sciences and Safety

FDN2.0 Applied Laser/IPL Sciences and Safety

This online course doesn't require you to have any specific qualification. You will learn about medical lasers and IPL machines and their proper usage. It will help you to set up your own laser/IPL training room. It can be your foundation for other advanced laser/IPL courses.

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FDN3.0 Advanced Certificate of Skin Care

FDN3.0 Advanced Skin Care

If you have the FDN 1.0 Certificate of Applied Skin Sciences you will enjoy learning this online course. Here, you will learn about more advanced types of skin care such as facial peels and use of skin care devices such as micro-needling equipment and LED light therapy.

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